She never made me feel like she’s in a rush, she takes the time to listen and understand.” 


After experiencing the exceptional care of Dr. Shawna Daake, Savannah Bermudez and her 1-year-old daughter Azalia made Every Child Pediatrics their health care home. While searching through providers that would accept her insurance, Savannah discovered Every Child Pediatrics and their commitment to providing high-quality pediatric care. After Azalia was born, they began traveling from their home in Commerce City to the Thornton office.

Throughout every visit Savannah has appreciated the helpful and welcoming medical staff, especially while interacting with Dr. Daake. She loves that Dr. Daake is relatable and easy to talk to, and her comprehensive approach considers Azalia’s overall wellbeing as well as the health and happiness of her family.

“She addresses my issues too, not just hers, and really thinks about the whole family,” Savannah said.