Dr. Henderson is very caring and goes the extra mile – just being very thorough, not short-cutting anything.”

When Tonya Lowery-Fruhling was pregnant with her first child, she found out that he had a heart condition, so she knew he would need quality medical care after he was born. Little Cody was born more than five weeks early and had open heart surgery at just three days old. Tonya was a new mother, a single mother and relatively new to Colorado, so she did not know pediatricians. When a physician assistant at Children’s Hospital learned that Tonya had not picked a pediatrician, she recommended Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics, and specifically recommended Dr. Lucas Henderson, to the new mother. The physician assistant also said that RMYC has computerized medical records that are connected to the records system at Children’s Hospital, which would make it easier for the facilities to share information. Based on the recommendation, Tonya took little Cody to Dr. Henderson at the Thornton office of RMYC the day after she came home from the hospital, when Cody was about two weeks old.

“My first impression was that I had a really good doctor. You could tell he was very caring and concerned and knowledgeable about my son’s health conditions,” Tonya said.

Dr. Henderson saw Cody frequently and managed a number of complex medical conditions. Early on, Dr. Henderson flagged an issue with Cody’s spinal cord, which resulted in surgery when Cody was seven months old. Catching the spinal condition early helped Cody avoid more serious repercussions. The little boy required careful attention whenever he got sick because of his heart problems, and Dr. Henderson consistently provided thorough medical care, Tonya said. Dr. Henderson consistently made follow-up calls to Tonya, her aunt or mother to check on the boy. “He would call one of the three of us to see how he was doing. I would call that going the extra mile – just being very thorough, not short-cutting anything and overall being extremely thorough,” she said.

Tonya has been so impressed with Dr. Henderson and the staff at RMYC that she brought her teenage nephew to see Dr. Henderson to address a condition. “Right there in front of Dr. Henderson, I told my nephew ‘I brought you to him because I trust him with my child’s life,’” Tonya said.