It’s very welcoming. They are very friendly, very knowledgeable and they take time.”

In the Spring of 2008, Marta Nayadley had a newborn son who was struggling to grow. Little Lukas was having trouble breastfeeding. He was born in Prague and lost weight after birth and finally got back to his birth weight after six weeks. Marta brought him to Denver when he was two months old and she worked hard to find a good doctor for him. She did research on the Internet and found a doctor named Jennifer Burns, who practices at the Denver clinic at Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics.

Even six years later, Marta still remembers her first visit to Dr. Burns.

“I was basically crying the whole time. Lukas was not eating. He was losing weight. I was like a total nervous wreck,” Marta recalls. “Dr. Burns was so kind to me. She hugged me and she was totally supporting me.”

Instead of telling Marta to give up breastfeeding and give her son formula in a bottle, Dr. Burns supported the mother’s commitment to breastfeeding and encouraged her to keep at it. Lukas learned to effectively breastfeed at three months and then began growing at a normal pace. Today, he is healthy and so is his younger brother, Tomas. Marta kept her commitment to breastfeed both boys until they were a year old. Both boys still see Dr. Burns and bring her flowers at each visit.

Marta said she feels fortunate to have Dr. Burns and Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics providing care to her sons, and supporting her.

“I feel like I’m getting better care at Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics than my friends and I feel like I have better security. I have one doctor and for six years we are seeing the same doctor, and I really value that.”

“When I go to Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics, it’s very welcoming. They are very friendly, very knowledgeable and they take time.”