Family Stories

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality care and taking extra time to take care of the entire family. Doctors and staff develop close relationships with the children and families they care for. Here are stories from current patients.


Moncada Family

Aurora Clinic

Lizeth met Dr. Sophia at the hospital right after delivering her son, Mateo. She felt a great connection with Dr. Sophia and decided to bring both of her children to Every Child Pediatrics for their medical care.

Mateo, was born with a broken clavicle and jaundice.  As a first-time mother and a mother of a child with several health concerns, it was essential for her to find a very supportive pediatrician, and she feels that Dr. Sophia has been very compassionate and given her a lot of reassurance and support when she was scared and nervous about her son’s health.

“Dr. Sophia takes time to answer all of my questions and thoroughly explains things; I never feel rushed during my son’s appointments,” Lizeth says.  “I am always able to express all of my concerns and questions during these visits.  You can tell that Dr. Sophia cares and takes a personal interest in her patients.”

After such a fantastic experience with Mateo, there was no doubt that her second child, Maddison, would also be seen by Dr. Sophia. Lizeth is confident that her children receive the high-quality care they deserve and trust the entire medical team; the front desk staff is friendly, and the Medical Assistants make her family feel comfortable.  “The entire staff at Every Child Pediatrics is great!.” Lizeth says.   

“You can tell that Dr. Sophia cares and takes a personal interest in her patients”- Lizeth Saucedo.

Michelle Gutierrez

Aurora Clinic

Michelle has been a patient of Every Child Pediatrics in the Aurora clinic since 2012, and Dr. Emi Scala has been her doctor since 2014.  Michelle likes having the same doctor for her visits, and she enjoys seeing Dr. Emi.

Now that Michelle is a teenager, she considers herself an introvert and is grateful to have been able to build a relationship with Dr. Emi throughout these years; “I feel comfortable talking with Emi and discussing my health needs,” Michelle says. “I have a great connection with Emi.” Michelle also feels that Dr. Emi has been very supportive in her goal of entering the medical profession.

Michelle participated in our five-month HPV (Human papillomavirus) project and was grateful to participate. She enjoyed learning about HPV and why HPV prevention is so important. “I was able to connect with other providers, patients, and Every Child Pediatrics staff,” Michelle says.  Everyone was very welcoming, and it was a wonderful experience.”

You can find the video which Michelle helped to make during the HPV project to promote HPV vaccination in the following link:



“I feel comfortable talking with Emi and discussing my health needs” – Michelle Gutierrez

Basaves Family

Aurora Clinic

“Dr. Leamer provides personal care; I feel like she knows me personally and remembers details about me and my life, that shows how much she cares,”- Karen Basaves.

The Basaves family have been patients of Every Child Pediatrics for the last 17 years, with all three children (Karen, Mauricio, Mariela) becoming patients shortly after birth.  Karen sees Dr. Karen Leamer and Mauricio and Mariela see Cassidy Hogan, PA, in the Aurora clinic.

Olga loves the commitment and care that the clinic staff and both providers have shown throughout the years to her family; she appreciates that she can always get her kids in for necessary appointments.  She feels that we offer excellent service by returning phone calls and portal messages promptly, and she grateful for the integrated care available in the clinics, offering onsite behavioral health care and nutritional services.  Additionally, Olga is thankful for the COVID-19 safety protocols that we have had in place during the pandemic; due to our efforts, she felt safe and comfortable bringing her children in for appointments during the pandemic.

“Dr. Leamer is the best; she always takes time to listen and understands our needs. She is very helpful.” Olga says. “I appreciate the fact that Dr. Leamer has taken a personal interest in my daughter, Karen.”

Karen enjoys coming to the clinic as everyone is incredibly supportive and feels that Dr. Leamer always shows a sincere interest in her, asks about “my academic performance and emotional wellbeing.”  Dr. Leamer has also been incredibly supportive of Karen’s goals of becoming a health care professional, allowing her to shadow her in the clinic.  “Dr. Leamer provides personal care; I feel like she knows me personally and remembers details about me and my life, that shows how much she cares,” Karen says.


Olga shares that “Cassidy is also the best!, she always has time to help and has been incredibly supportive of my son’s (Mauricio) health needs.” Cassidy has been an “advocate for my son” and has been a driving force in “getting his appointments/tests needed with various specialists.  Cassidy has worked very hard for us, and she makes things happen.”

Cassidy is great with young children.  Mariela -Olga’s youngest daughter- used to be afraid to come to the doctor’s office, but Cassidy has worked to make her comfortable.  She makes the visits fun, and now “my daughter is happy when she comes into the clinic,” Olga says.

Cassidy provides exceptional care and support; she often “calls with test results on her days off” to ensure Olga has results and is not waiting for information on her son’s test results.  “Cassidy is so special; she is an angel,” Olga says.  “I don’t have the words to thank Cassidy for everything she has done.”

Cassidy is great with young children, she makes the visits fun, and now “my daughter is happy when she comes into the clinic.” – Olga Aranda.

Noriega Family

Aurora Clinic

“I know that Dr. Sophia can answer my questions and support me in getting the care my children need”

– Karla Noriega

Karla was a young mother when she first came to Every Child Pediatrics.  She was referred to Dr. Sophia by her midwife 11 years ago, and since then, her three wonderful sons -Jonathan, Samuel, and Adam- have been receiving high-quality medical care from Dr. Sophia in the Aurora clinic.

Karla has a lot of trust in Dr. Sophia, “I know that Dr. Sophia can answer my questions and support me in getting the care my children need,” Karla says.  “Dr. Sophia is engaged and available.”

She values the relationship that she has developed with Dr. Sophia and the clinic staff.  She knows that her children are receiving individualized care, and for all these reasons, she has referred her nieces and nephews to Every Child Pediatrics.

Casias Family

Thornton Clinic

With a recommendation from her OB-GYN, Ashley Carrasco selected Every Child Pediatrics to provide high-quality health care for her growing family. Conveniently located close to her home in Federal Heights, she has been bringing her daughter Mattie Casias to the Thornton clinic ever since she was born. During Mattie’s 6-month check-up, Ashley appreciated the engaging and compassionate nature of the staff during every step of the appointment.

“I like the staff, most importantly because of the way they treat the kids. Everyone is friendly and lively,” Ashley said.

Ashley loves the welcoming environment of Every Child Pediatrics, and she looks forward to watching Mattie thrive under their care.

Mattie Casias and her mother Ashley Carrasco

Bermudez Family

Thornton Clinic

Azalia Bermudez and Dr. Shawna Daake

After experiencing the exceptional care of Dr. Shawna Daake, Savannah Bermudez and her 1-year-old daughter Azalia made Every Child Pediatrics their health care home. While searching through providers that would accept her insurance, Savannah discovered Every Child Pediatrics and their commitment to providing high-quality pediatric care. After Azalia was born, they began traveling from their home in Commerce City to the Thornton clinic.

Throughout every visit Savannah has appreciated the helpful and welcoming medical staff, especially while interacting with Dr. Daake. She never made me feel like she’s in a rush, she takes the time to listen and understand,” Savannah said.

Savannah loves that Dr. Daake is relatable and easy to talk to, and her comprehensive approach considers Azalia’s overall wellbeing as well as the health and happiness of her family.

“She addresses my issues too, not just hers, and really thinks about the whole family,” she said.

Stoyanova Family

Thornton Clinic

As a long-time patient with Every Child Pediatrics, 7-year-old Elena Stoyanova has been coming to the Thornton clinic ever since she was born. After receiving a list of recommendations from the hospital, Antonia Stoyanova chose Every Child Pediatrics for her daughter’s pediatric care based on the close proximity to her home.

Along with the convenient location, Antonia values the connection she has developed with Every Child Pediatrics over the years, as she feels very comfortable with the overall office and staff.

“We know the doctors here, know the place, how to get here, the routine of everything,” Antonia said.

Elena Stoyanova and Nurse Practitioner Denise Forrest

Johnson Family


Tatum Johnson

Tatum Johnson was born premature and stayed in the hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit before coming home. He’s had many health complications and was referred to us by the medical staff at the hospital.

Tatum’s mom said that she chose Every Child Pediatrics to provide care to Tatum based on referrals from the community and the hospital. The mother said she was told that Every Child Pediatrics medical providers are experienced with providing care to infants with complex health needs and they were correct!

Dawn said she is happy that she made the choice to make Every Child Pediatrics Tatum’s medical home.

Yoboue/Sangare Family

Denver Clinic

Miracle and Laila both are new patients to the Denver clinic but they are not new to Every Child Pediatrics. They previously received care at the Aurora clinic and recently transferred to the Denver clinic.

Marie, the children’s mother, moved to Colorado from Ethiopia with her eldest child and she has no family here. Marie had both girls here and is pregnant with her fourth child.

She is living in Warren Village, a transitional housing complex in Denver, while waiting to find a home for her family. She said she appreciates the quality medical care her children receive, our experience with providing care to immigrant and refugee families, and the additional support related to her other life challenges.

Miracle and Laila

Martinez Family

Denver Clinic

Nevaeh Martinez

Nevaeh has been a patient of Every Child Pediatrics since she was born. She moved to California and then moved back to Colorado and resumed her medical care at our Denver Clinic.

When the Clinic Manager was welcoming her and her mother Jamie back to the practice, they talked about why Jamie had chosen Every Child Pediatrics again as Nevaeh’s medical home.

Her answer was simple- she said Nevaeh has never received better care than she has had with us.

Howe Family


The Howe family has been coming to Every Child Pediatrics since the three daughters were born. The girls are born close together and the family lives in a small apartment.

 The mother Jessica said she chose Every Child Pediatrics to be her daughters’ medical home because of the high-quality medical care and the family-like environment.

She said she loves feeling like she is part of the Every Child Pediatrics “family.” In addition to medical care, the mother receives support from the behavioral health consultant to help her find ways to help her daughter’s sleep and address other behavioral challenges.

Brooklyn and Kaelyn Howe

Swingle Family

Thorntonn Clinic

“We’ve had a ton of doctors that we’ve never seen again for random reasons. My insurance is changing at the end of the year and the only doctor I wanted to make sure we could keep is Dr. Henderson. We love him.” – Michelle Swingle

Michelle Swingle is very particular about doctors. She has private health insurance and often changes doctors if she finds them to lack compassion, experience or knowledge. When she was pregnant with her first child, Michelle found out that her son has a rare condition called arthrogryposis, which constricts the joints in his legs and arms. Her neonatologist recommended a pediatrician at Every Child Pediatrics because of the doctor’s experience. Michelle began taking her son to Every Child Pediatrics and has had nothing but high praise for the doctors there ever since.

Since birth, Cody has required extensive medical care, including several operations, weekly therapy, and extra attention when he gets sick. He wears a back brace to treat scoliosis, curvature of the spine, and will need frequent medical care for the rest of his life. Dr. Joseph Craig served as Cody’s pediatrician between 2005 and 2011. When Dr. Craig left for another practice, Cody’s care was transferred to Dr. Lucas Henderson. Dr. Henderson was just as good – even better, Michelle said. He has consistently shown compassion and skill with Cody’s care, and also takes care of Cody’s younger brother Cole.

“Sometimes when I need to get Cody to see Dr. Henderson and he doesn’t have appointments, he will stay longer at the end of his day so he can see Cody,” Michelle said. “He personally calls me to check on Cody. He seriously treats Cody like he’s one of his kids. I don’t know what I’d do without Dr. Henderson.”

Seppelt/Garza Family

Denver Clinic

Jenny Seppelt was pleased with the care that the staff and doctors at Every Child Pediatrics provided to her first child Julian, a healthy boy. But she learned just how fortunate she was to have Every Child Pediatrics taking care of her children when her second child was born.

When little Nathalie was born in 2009, Every Child Pediatrics pediatrician Dr. Kim White was assigned to her care. Within the first week, Dr. White quickly recognized that Nathalie was losing too much weight and was struggling with certain muscle functions, so she sent the baby to Children’s Hospital for tests and treatment.

After a week at Children’s Hospital, Dr. White and Physician Assistant Cassidy Hogan identified further problems, which turned out to be life-threatening. Little Nathalie was aspirating. Everything she ate was going into her lungs instead of her stomach. This required a second hospital stay and surgery.

But her health still did not improve. At about a month old, Nathalie weighed just five pounds and showed excessive weakness. Cassidy and Dr. White suspected an issue with the lungs and sent her immediately for a lung x-ray. The scan showed that one of Nathalie’s lungs had collapsed, necessitating a rushed trip by ambulance to Children’s Hospital.  The situation was grave, but was caught in the nick of time.

“The people at Children’s Hospital told me how lucky we were to catch the collapsed lung when we did, and that we had a good doctor,” Jenny said, choking up. “Dr. White and Cassidy – they saved my daughter’s life.”

Seppelt/Garza photo

Jenny Seppelt with daughter Nath

dr white and garza

Dr. Kim White and Nathalie Garza

The third hospital stay lasted three weeks and the doctors inserted a feeding tube into the baby’s body, which would stay for three years. Jenny recalls months of worry and confusion about all her daughter’s health and the procedures and treatments. She said Dr. White and Cassidy worked to keep her calm throughout the process. The Every Child Pediatrics staff coordinated with all the specialists, technicians and therapists and supported Jenny through many days and nights of panic and stress.

“I was new to all of this, so I was paranoid about every single thing. I was calling them every single day. I did that for a couple of months. They would always call me back and not show any frustration. They were there for the both of us,” Jenny said. “The doctors at Children’s were telling me awful things and Dr. White tried more to comfort me and not to scare me like the other doctors.”

Nathalie’s first two years were a blur of doctor’s appointments and therapy appointments, including weekly visits to Dr. White or Cassidy. The family lives in Aurora but traveled to downtown Denver to see Dr. White, even though they could find a doctor closer to their house.

“It’s a 45-minute drive but it’s worth it to me because I trust them. They care. They know my kids. I think they care about my kids just as much as I do, to be honest with you.”

Now, Nathalie is a healthy 5-year old and she has a 1-year-old brother, a healthy boy named Michael. After Michael was born, Jenny suffered from post-partum depression and Dr. White and Cassidy supported her, helping her get the help she needed. She knows she can call Dr. White or Cassidy anytime and they will call her back and diligently follow up on any issues. “I won’t go anywhere else.”


Birdsall Family

Thorton Clinic

When Jeremiah Birdsall arrived at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Swedish Medical Center on an October afternoon in 2012, his son had just been born through an emergency caesarian section. Little Benjamin Birdsall was eight weeks early and weighed just three pounds. Jeremiah and the mother were not a couple or married, but Jeremiah decided that he could not leave the baby with the mother.

Little Benjamin’s health and development were damaged by fetal alcohol syndrome and he would have significant medical needs for the rest of his life. Jeremiah attained legal custody of the boy and began taking the boy to a Kaiser facility that was covered through his employer-sponsored insurance, but the father felt like he was being run through a system and did not get personal attention. His friend, who has a special needs child, recommended Every Child Pediatrics. So, when Benjamin was three months old, Jeremiah began taking the baby to see Denise Vidas, PA-C, at the Thornton Clinic of Every Child Pediatrics.

“Denise has just always been awesome since the day we met her,” Jeremiah said. “Since I started coming here, they’re a lot more involved and spend a lot more time. Our doctor visits are really long. Denise has always focused on what my son needed. I love it.”

Since Benjamin was born, he’s had a series of complex medical problems, affecting his reproductive organs, lungs, spine, speech and digestive system. He was on oxygen until he was six months old. He had major spine surgery at a year old, followed by braces to help him walk. He’s had speech, physical and occupational therapy almost weekly to help him walk, communicate do everyday functions. He has seen a long list of specialists, including a neurosurgeon and urologist. He’s had five operations and expects to have more. And at 2 years old, Benjamin is the size of an 11-month-old and he can say only a few words. From his first days at Every Child Pediatrics, Benjamin has been participating in the Thrive Clinic, which offers specialized nutritional support to help children grow at a more normal rate, as well as giving access to free nutritious food from the clinic’s food pantry.

Keeping up with the medical problems and treatments has been overwhelming to the father, who is single and has re-arranged his life to take care of the boy.

Jeremiah looks at his son and credits Denise and the staff at Every Child Pediatrics for the boy’s growth and better health, saying he could not have gotten to where he is without the clinic’s help.

“They are very caring, very helpful and professional. They pay attention to the whole spectrum of everything,” the father said. “Just seeing him, how much he’s come since he started coming here. That’s what I think about when I think about Denise and Every Child Pediatrics.”

benjamin and dad

“I never went to the doctor unless I had to. All this doctor experience was new to me. They’ve made everything so easy and helped me to understand everything. In the beginning, I didn’t know anything they were telling me. It was really hard to get a hold of the doctors and get all the answers. Denise would do it right away. She got everybody an answer the next day.” – Jeremiah Birdsall

Lowery Family

Thornton Clinic

Dr henderson and cody outside

Dr. Lucas Henderson and Cody Lowery

When Tonya Lowery-Fruhling was pregnant with her first child, she found out that he had a heart condition, so she knew he would need quality medical care after he was born. Little Cody was born more than five weeks early and had open heart surgery at just three days old. Tonya was a new mother, a single mother and relatively new to Colorado, so she did not know pediatricians. When a physician assistant at Children’s Hospital learned that Tonya had not picked a pediatrician, she recommended Every Child Pediatrics, and specifically recommended Dr. Lucas Henderson, to the new mother. The physician assistant also said that Every Child Pediatrics has computerized medical records that are connected to the records system at Children’s Hospital, which would make it easier for the facilities to share information. Based on the recommendation, Tonya took little Cody to Dr. Henderson at the Thornton office of Every Child Pediatrics the day after she came home from the hospital, when Cody was about two weeks old.

“My first impression was that I had a really good doctor. You could tell he was very caring and concerned and knowledgeable about my son’s health conditions,” Tonya said.

Dr. Henderson saw Cody frequently and managed a number of complex medical conditions. Early on, Dr. Henderson flagged an issue with Cody’s spinal cord, which resulted in surgery when Cody was seven months old. Catching the spinal condition early helped Cody avoid more serious repercussions. The little boy required careful attention whenever he got sick because of his heart problems, and Dr. Henderson consistently provided thorough medical care, Tonya said. Dr. Henderson consistently made follow-up calls to Tonya, her aunt or mother to check on the boy. “He would call one of the three of us to see how he was doing. I would call that going the extra mile – just being very thorough, not short-cutting anything and overall being extremely thorough,” she said.

Tonya has been so impressed with Dr. Henderson and the staff at Every Child Pediatrics that she brought her teenage nephew to see Dr. Henderson to address a condition. “Right there in front of Dr. Henderson, I told my nephew ‘I brought you to him because I trust him with my child’s life,’” Tonya said.

Keita/Diallo Family

Thornton Clinic

When Assa Keita moved to Colorado in 2011, her twin sons were a year old and one of them was lagging in his growth. She applied for Medicaid, public health insurance for low-income individuals and families, and received a list of medical providers to choose from for her children. Assa chose Every Child Pediatrics because the organization’s main office in Thornton is close to her home.

Today, Assa wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for her sons’ medical care. From the first visit, the immigrant from Guinea was impressed with the quality of care and attentiveness of the staff. The staff quickly identified that her son, Mamadou, was underweight and needed additional support to adequately grow. Every Child Pediatrics enrolled Mamadou in a new program, called the Thrive Clinic, which provides coordinated care from a team that includes a dietitian, social worker and pediatrician at monthly visits.

“They spent a lot of time with us and told me what I can do to help his situation. It really helped,” Assa says. “Every Child Pediatrics is the best. I would recommend this place to anyone.”

Assa Keita with sons Mamadi (left) and Mamadou (right)

Assa Keita with her sons, Mamadi (left) and Mamadou

Dr Henderson with Mamadou Diallo

Dr. Lucas Henderson with Mamadou Diallo

The staff tracked what Mamadou ate and advised Assa about ways to increase the calories and nutrition of the food that she fed her son – such as adding cheese to eggs and serving whole milk. She also received free food twice a month from the food pantry at Every Child Pediatrics – proteins, vegetables, milk and other items that were listed on her sons’ nutrition plan. Today, Mamadou is growing well and at a weight that is expected for his age.

“I’m glad that I came here and that this program was here when I really needed it,” Assa says. “This is the only place I will go for my sons. Dr. Henderson is excellent. Dr. Renu is excellent. They listen to you. They take extra time. You don’t see any rush in them at all. Every time I need them, they are here.”

Nayadley Family

Denver Clinic

In the Spring of 2008, Marta Nayadley had a newborn son who was struggling to grow. Little Lukas was having trouble breastfeeding. He was born in Prague and lost weight after birth and finally got back to his birth weight after six weeks. Marta brought him to Denver when he was two months old and she worked hard to find a good doctor for him. She did research on the Internet and found a doctor named Jennifer Burns, who practices at the Denver clinic at Every Child Pediatrics.  Even six years later, Marta still remembers her first visit to Dr. Burns.

“I was basically crying the whole time. Lukas was not eating. He was losing weight. I was like a total nervous wreck,” Marta recalls. “Dr. Burns was so kind to me. She hugged me and she was totally supporting me.”  Instead of telling Marta to give up breastfeeding and give her son formula in a bottle, Dr. Burns supported the mother’s commitment to breastfeeding and encouraged her to keep at it.

Lukas learned to effectively breastfeed at three months and then began growing at a normal pace. Today, he is healthy and so is his younger brother, Tomas. Marta kept her commitment to breastfeed both boys until they were a year old. Both boys still see Dr. Burns and bring her flowers at each visit.

Marta said she feels fortunate to have Dr. Burns and Every Child Pediatrics providing care to her sons, and supporting her.  “I feel like I’m getting better care at Every Child Pediatrics than my friends and I feel like I have better security. I have one doctor and for six years we are seeing the same doctor, and I really value that.”

“When I go to Every Child Pediatrics, it’s very welcoming. They are very friendly, very knowledgeable and they take time.”

nayadley boys

Lukas and Tomas Nayadley

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