Patient Rights & Responsibilities

At Every Child Pediatrics, you and your child are our main concern. We are grateful for the trust you place in us and we aim to provide outstanding service to you and your child.

Patient Rights to Communication

  • You and/or your child have a right to:
  • Understand your/your child’s care and treatment plan.
  • Know the members of the healthcare team who are caring for and treating you/your child.
  • Have a person and/or doctor of your choice be told about your/your child’s visit and care plan.
  • Get information about your/your child’s medical condition in words or a language you understand. This information includes diagnosis, tests, procedures and treatment options, as well as possible risks and benefits.
  • Be a part of the decisions made about your/your child’s treatment.
  • Be told what you need to know and what to do when you or your child goes home.
  • Have Every Child Pediatrics’ staff listen to what you say and answer your questions. Know that you can express your feelings or fears and get caring responses.
  • Feel free to give feedback without worrying that it will affect your/your child’s care.

Patient and Family Communication Responsibilities

  • You and/or your child have the responsibility to:
  • Tell your/your child’s doctor or Every Child Pediatrics staff right away if you need a language other than English so that you can understand and give informed consent for your/your child’s care and treatment.
  • Give true and complete information about you/your child’s health. Tell us about any unexpected changes in you/your child’s condition.
  • For parents/legally authorized representatives, when asked, give us proof that you have the right to consent to your child’s admission and medical/surgical treatment.
  • Give Every Child Pediatrics accurate information about your/ your child’s current insurance coverage and/or eligibility for state or federal programs and pay bills in a timely manner.
  • Ask questions if you don’t understand information or instructions.
  • Keep your appointments and be on time. If you can’t keep your/your child’s appointment, call as soon as possible to schedule a new one.
  • Tell your/your child’s doctor, nurse, or patient representative if you have concerns or aren’t happy with the care you are/your child is receiving.
  • Act appropriately and be respectful when you try to settle disagreements.
  • Respect the privacy of other children and families getting care at Every Child Pediatrics.
  • Keep cell phones on silent/vibrate mode when around patients or the healthcare team.
  • Pay the medical bills for which you are responsible.

Patient and Family Safety Responsibilities

You and your child have the responsibility to:

  • Learn and follow Every Child Pediatrics’s rules.
  • Help the staff make Every Child Pediatrics a safe place for everyone by telling us about safety concerns you have.
  • Not use illegal drugs, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, and/or carry guns or other weapons.
  • Not take pictures, videos, or recordings of staff, equipment, or any non-family members.
  • Follow the rules for visitors. Parents or another adult in the family must look after children younger than 18 who come to a clinic visit. Children must also follow the rules.
  • Not allow anyone who is under the influence to enter a clinic.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Not swear, make threats, or engage in behaviors that impact patient care.
  • Know that if you break the rules, authorities will be called and you may be taken off the property.

The rights of adults over the age of 18

It is the policy of Every Child Pediatrics to respect the rights of people 18 years old and older and those authorized by federal and state laws to make healthcare decisions:

  • Agree to or turn down medical treatment.

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