Every Child Pediatrics continues to serve every child because of support from donors like you. As a non-profit, our supporters provide vital resources to fuel our mission and ensure every child has health care, regardless of their ability to pay. Thank you!

Corporate, Community and
Foundation Sponsors

Granting Organizations

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Founder’s Circle for
Major Giving

Contributions over $5,000

Anna Moles

Dr. Larry Wolk

Dan Luzietti

Howard Lipshutz

Kelly Joines


CO Gives Day or other contributions over $500

Andrea Schott
Anthony Long
Aris Sophocles
Chris Martin
Christina Tennican
Denise Forest
Donald Hagengruber
Dr. Kim White
Gary Kleiman
Hannah Nordhaus
Hari Prasad
Holger Forrest
Jep Seman
John & Joanne Congdon
John Burns & Family
Katie DellaMaria
Kevin Glynn
Kim Schreven
Marnie Walsh
Michael Roads
Reed Smith
Ryan Willis
Ryan Wills
Sean Gelsey
Steve Andrade
Suzanne Sophocles

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