Our Case for Support

Healthy children are the foundation of a thriving community. When we invest in children and their health and well-being, we are investing in their readiness to learn in school and preparing them for economic success that can break cycles of generational poverty. Through no fault of their own, over 133,000 children across Colorado live in poverty, and over 100,000 children are uninsured. Our health care system poses barriers to even the most affluent members of our society and places undue pressure on families living in economically disadvantaged communities. For our patient population, this pressure is compounded by housing uncertainty, food insecurity, stressors from low-wage jobs, and the inflated cost of essential items and services.

100000 +
children across Colorado live in poverty

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100000 +
children are uninsured

Due to financial constraints, most medical practices see only a limited number of patients with Medicaid or no insurance coverage at all. As a result, many uninsured and lower income families struggle to access quality healthcare for their children. In this unequal marketplace, how do uninsured families, or those on Medicaid, navigate care and find access to high-quality providers?

When you make a charitable contribution to Every Child Pediatrics, your dollars directly fund patient care for underserved children across Colorado. We offer various opportunities for donors and volunteers alike to engage with our mission through volunteerism, affinity groups, and philanthropic giving circles.

Every Child Deserves A Champion Like You

As a non-profit organization, our impact is driven by the caring power of our partners and donors. We have developed a vision for patient-centered care that serves all families, regardless of their ability to pay. Now more than ever, we have an opportunity to expand our reach and serve more children who would otherwise go without care. Your support will go directly to serving children and breaking cycles of poverty for families in our local communities.