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Lead Care Navigator Kate Scott Brings Passion for Supporting Families to Every Child Pediatrics

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Whether working behind the scenes or directly with patients, Kate Scott is always thinking about the health and happiness of Every Child Pediatrics families.

Since joining Every Child Pediatrics in May 2014, Kate has connected families to essential resources as the lead Care Navigator in the Thornton office. By working closely with each family to understand their individual needs, she assists them in accessing food, clothing, transportation, educational advocacy and additional health care programs. She also acts as the resource specialist for autism evaluations, where she provides community resources and prepares families for the assessment process and what to expect moving forward.

“If we can’t get it for them, who can?” Kate said. “Who can provide consistent and ongoing support for families that need it?”

Although every day is different for Kate, she is always available to provide support and guidance for patients. After meeting with families and evaluating their needs, she considers what resources are available in their area and the best way to take action. With a resourceful and compassionate understanding of the situation, Kate reaches out to others in the community to find effective solutions.

Through her work with local programs and organizations such as Head Start, she continues to find valuable ways to collaborate and make a difference for Lakewood families.

“We are partnering together to figure how to work together, to work smarter not harder so that we’re not all duplicating services,” Kate said. “We’re really working to figure out what each one of us can do to help families have success.”

As a key member of the Every Child Pediatrics team, Kate expands the wellbeing of each patient beyond physical health. She recognizes that when a family is struggling to find food or basic resources, other priorities fall to the wayside. Within the Care Navigation program, Kate strives to meet the needs of these families while addressing their both their mental and physical health.

Every experience has shaped Kate’s passion for supporting families, and she has built lasting relationships through her work as a Care Navigator. She recently assisted a family whose apartment complex was involved in a fire, and in addition to helping them connect with necessary resources, she allowed them to once again take part in and enjoy the Christmas season. Their appreciation and gratitude not only makes Kate’s work worthwhile but motivates her to continue putting a smile on each family’s face.

“They’re such a humble, amazing family, and they definitely filled my cup,” Kate said.

This piece was written by Amanda Fiske 


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