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Registered Dietitian Julie Gardner Inspires Lifelong Healthy Habits

Julie Gardner giving child high five

Registered Dietitian Julie Gardner is bringing a passion for nutrition and it’s potential to create a healthy future to all of the Every Child Pediatrics offices.

Julie joined Every Child Pediatrics in 2017 after graduating with a Master of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Colorado State University. Julie works alongside the medical team to support patients with a wide variety of nutrition issues and her program continues to grow each year. As a Registered Dietitian, Julie meets with children of all ages to provide guidance and resources about nutrition and healthy eating. Through one-on-one meetings and interactive programs, she encourages children to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and she supports children with food allergies, gastrointestinal and other food-related issues.

In addition to these services, Julie helps the parents of infants as they are introduced to solid food and encounter the challenges of a changing diet pattern. She guides parents through this important change to help children have a lifelong foundation of health and nourishment.

“We want to head off problems before they start,” Julie said. “This is my favorite thing right now because if parents know how to feed their children, they’ll do it. They just don’t always have those resources.”

In addition to daily appointments, Julie runs the Get Fit program in partnership with Every Child Pediatrics providers and health care professionals. This program offers individualized sessions, group classes and a summer boot camp for children with a high Body Mass Index. With each session participants engage in fun, hands-on activities while learning about the importance of nutrition and exercise.

Julie also leads the Thrive Clinic, which provides access to nutritional guidance, food and other resources for children who are undernourished or experiencing slow growth. Julie also manages the food pantry and hold the responsibility of ordering a well-balanced selection of food items.

While Julie recognizes that making lifestyle changes can be a difficult task, she welcomes the opportunity to have a positive impact and shape children’s lives through nutrition.

“I love making healthy differences in kids’ lives,” Julie said. “If I feel like I’ve made a difference, it’s huge for me.”

This piece was written by Amanda Fiske


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